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Cycorld Cycling-Underwear-Women-Padded

Product Features:

    Why choose Cycorld Cycling Underwear ?1. Soft & Unrestricting ----Our women biking underwears' durable materials will increase comfort and movement when you are biking. Plus, you can wear our versatile underwear in pairs with other any pants that you want.2. Long-Lasting & Strong Plasticity ----Cycorld women's underwear adopts excellent fabrics such as…
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Product Description

Why choose Cycorld Cycling Underwear ?

1. Soft & Unrestricting —-Our women biking underwears’ durable materials will increase comfort and movement when you are biking. Plus, you can wear our versatile underwear in pairs with other any pants that you want.
2. Long-Lasting & Strong Plasticity —-Cycorld women’s underwear adopts excellent fabrics such as lycra and nylon, which keeps its shape through frequent use over a long period of time.
3. Lightweight & Breathable —-The ultra-soft fabrics of our bike shorts help you wick sweat away from skin quickly, allowing you to stay cool throughout your riding and reduce unpleasant greasy or sticky sensations.
4. Specially Designed For Women —-These women mountain biking padded underwear is designed to ergonomically fit women, meaning that they’ll offer you the best durability and comfort on each bike, shaped for your body.
5. Wide & Air Holes Pad —-Our biking underwear’s pads are large enough for you to move more freely. And the air holes in the pad promote air flow in order to release sweat from the skin.
6. Excellent Stitching —-Our padded shorts for women make use of only the most professional stitching and cutting.

Product Specifications:

Material of pants: nylon and lycra printing
Color: Black, Purple print
Size: S,M, L, XL (optional)
Package weight: 100g / 0.22lb
Packing List: 1 Pair* women cycling underwear

Money back or replacement guaranteed from Cycorld in the case of any product issues!

Product Features

  • 👗【EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE】The nylon and lycra printed fabrics of our female underwear can help you ride a long trail with zero pressure. These fabrics are ultra thin, ultra soft, and comfortable like no other. They can absorb moisture quickly as well as encourage the release of sweat from the skin, keeping you cool and dry the whole way.
  • 👗【TOP QUALITY 3D SILICONE PAD】Cycorld padded biking underwear uses 3D protection pad that have been enlarged and thickened. With airholes, it also ensures breathability, at once efficiently reducing shock, providing the best, most comfortable protection, and reducing any peculiar smells that might arise from a long ride.
  • 👗【DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN】Cycorld women’s underwear is designed to help relieve hip pain and decrease discomfort related to long cycle rides that women suffer. At the same time, its design guarantees a better fit for the crotch, protecting women and keeping them comfortable at the same time.
  • 👗【PERFECT STITCHING AND FLAT CUTTING】Our cycling underwear adopts four needle six lines and zig-zag stitches, which perfectly solve the friction problem between the body and the pants. This excellent cutting also can reduce irritation caused by chafing.
  • 👗【YOGA-INSPIRED WAISTBANT】Our cycling underwear adopts wide and high-rise elastic rubber bands. Without pressure against your belly you’ll be able to move more freely. It’ll be as comfortable as riding through the sky.